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Anchorage Code for Water Heaters


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Looking for the specifics after replacing a water heater in Anchorage and having the install up to code.  Know there has to be straps around it and emergency high pressure release but what else?  Is a beneath the heater pan required?  I've heard of folks having cement pavers underneath but don't know if this satisfies some requirement or not.  Thx

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@JCollier and @Kassandra RPM Alaska

Sorry I missed the tag on this one. I am not 100% sure on the current code for water heaters as I usually have a plumber install them but my recollection is that they do need the pan under them, earthquake straps secured to the wall, and if it’s in the garage you have to have it on a stand to get it 18” off the floor to prevent explosive situations where vapors or fumes in the garage could be ignited by by the pilot or ignition device.

Side-note if the heater is away from the wall make sure you put solid blocking behind it with some good screws into the wall framing or the straps will likely fail during an earthquake. You then have an 80 gallon sling shot flying around. No bueno

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