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Scenario -- tenant not paying (wwyd)


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Tenant is behind two months on rent. Tenant and I have agreement that she will pay at tax refund. I gave notice in person for end of February to accommodate when this agreement was made. Yesterday I get  a call from a property manager who says she applied for a house that's $500 more than my place and they're looking to fill asap. I was not aware that she was looking to move  this soon and unsure where the funds are coming from For this house. What would you do in this situation? Any recommendations?

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@ddsk1191 This is a great question for everyone actually.

In my opinion, (Always seek a lawyers opinion) I'd always serve notice of non-payment but adjust the deadline to accommodate.  I would also get the agreement in writing that the tenant plans to submit funds to you and that they agree to $x is their balance. This helps the judge see that you tried a payment plan and to accommodate already before the hearing date occurs.

Final, I would call and directly ask the tenant about the application before handing out any information to the next person.  I would also remind the tenant that they didn't provide you with notice, therefore you will be adding rent to their balance accordingly to what the law will allow you to add since they are moving without proper 30 days notice.
Let us know how it goes!

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