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There are 3rd party programs you can use to make the payments. Generally they are not common because of a 2.5% fee that most credit card companies, and the 3rd party ones apply to the payment. I do not know of any laws restricting their use. It's just economical not to use them. The property management software I use allows rent payments with a 2.5% fee. people use it sometimes because it might be cheaper than the late fee depending on the late fee and cost of rent.

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I set up a Pay Pal account for a corporate tenant to use credit card to pay. They like the convenience and the credit card rewards/miles. Additionally, they were the ones that suggested I contract with them raising the rent enough to cover the fee.  On the other side of the question, paying your mortgage with a credit card is another story. In my experience, the credit card company viewed the payment as a cash advance, charged that fee, and gave me no miles. Lesson learned!

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Wow!  Good to know about mortgage and paying with a card. Never knew that!  I wonder if it is different or not for each company or not.

I really like the PayPal idea. Can you stop them from paying if you need to in order to evict?  Wouldn't it be cool if PayPal could have a ledger and rent attach to their service. PayPal is everywhere so why not!

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