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Tenant Gave Notice


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Tenants gave notice on 8/2 that they would be leaving in October. 60 days put them at 10/1. She said they hoped to be out before the end of the month but she would keep me posted. I messaged a week or so ago and asked for a hard date, and she said they may be in a little longer... our lease says we get 45 days from end of term to do showings/etc. My wife thinks once they provide a move-out date, that should start their 60 day notice instead of notice starting when hw informed me they were leaving. She's concerned they will just keep pushing it back and we won't be able to get the house ready in time to get new tenants since we will be coming up on winter. Is she right? How to broach this with tenants? Property is in TX, if it matters.

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I would let the tenant know you need a notice in writing. I don’t count anything until I receive written notice. Your wife is correct, they can’t start the notice verbally and keep moving it. It’s official when it’s in writing and doesn’t deviate without your consent after that.

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