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Flooring / materials purchasing


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Hi there,

I am a relatively new landlord. We have owned a few 4 plexes for a few years but recently picked up a larger property with  many units. Based on the condition of our other properties I have not had to complete a lot of rehabs. With this new property the units are all circa 1985 and as they turn I am going to refresh them. I am looking for recommendations on the best type of laminate or hard type of flooring. We are looking for the most durable to try and reduce how often we replace. Any recommendations here?

Also, as a individual landlord (not a contractor) are there any recommendations on the best way to be buying bulk materials? We plan to upgrade all units with the same colors/materials, ect. Also will be purchasing appliances on an ongoing basis and want the best possible pricing. Should I just work through a contractor that may have vendor accounts already or try and set these up myself? 

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Welcome to Landlording!   

Hands down 99% of my rentals and the ones I recomend to clients is LVP. Homedepot allows you to buy a huge lot and get volume and discount.  Just be mindful of noise management with non-carpet flooring.  Something timeless and helps with noise is LVP for high traffic, different color for bath/kitchen, then carpet bedroom.  LVP comes in a plank shape and often offers the look of real hardwood with realistic scraping or embossing.

Next, pic 1 paint color for all of the units.  Go to Sherwin Williams and they will put the colors on file to you won't ever forget. This is a big deal with keeping costs down for repairs.  They also offer winter 40% discounts. The "cheapest" way we have seen paint management and yet improve the attracts a higher quality type tenant is paint all a soft white with 1 - 3 accent walls that is a cream color. It isn't tan, yellow, bold, grey or anything. It is just a slight change in color to give depth and classy feel and super easy to touch up.  To much of a tan, grey, or bold color are difficult to touch up.

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I can say that I bought my rental where the lower units was 100% tile.  It is super easy to clean, but not easy to repair. The unit seems echoy as well.  However, we did have a hot water tank go out and flood this unit out twice now.  Just had to dry out the walls and were were good to go. During those moments, I was glad to have tile.

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