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Tenant Request--To Install Security System

D. Bourne

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Hi, Everybody.

I'm looking for some advice on allowing tenants to install a security system. They said that it is wireless, but it does need one hole drilled for power to the main system (installation by Vivent--if anyone else has experience with them). I don't see how only one hole can be drilled for power--they have to get the power from somewhere too.

Down the road, if/when the tenant moves out--then who does the security system belong to? Does it become a fixture? 

Any advice on this?




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In my opinion...it depends on what you want. Then you and tenant draw up an agreement. 

Viviant has said that things about the 1 scew thing but properties I've seen thus far it was only a picture nail size hole. I thought they said that for liability reasons.

Some tenants take it due to their contract. Some tenant leave parts of it and the new tenant typically will call to turn it on or ignore it. I've never really had tenant demand they be removed at landlord expense. 

At least the systems are mostly wireless. Way better than the old systems!

Not sure I helped or not...but that's what I know. However whatever you agree to....place in writing.  ;)

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I had one tenant put one in. Keep in mind that vivant may change your locks. I required the tenant to provide me a key and code for emergencies. They were also required to return my locks to the original condition. I seem to recall a couple small holes in the wall when they moved out but nothing too crazy. They were good tenants so helping them feel secure was worth it in my opinion. 

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