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Parking Issues at 4plex


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Tenants having issues with assigned parking. there is plenty of parking at my 4 plex. Does "Parking Issue" give them the right to break their 12 month lease ? They have 6 month left.

Unit 1 has no cars, 2 cars allowed per unit. Unit 1's son comes to help mom and parks in unit 2's spot. He was told not to and has no right since he is not a tenant. Parking spots were never marked but like we all do, we all park at our usual spot.

Well unit 2 is having problems and starting more issues.

I went today putting up No Parking signs, numbered and marked 2 parking spots per unit.

Also, unit 2 bought new cars now they have 3 cars parked there, one in unit 1's 2 spots.....oh the drama.....

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I assign spots. I put in the lease any vehicles not belonging to the unit are subject to tow at owners expense. Only park in assigned (clearly marked spots).Only had one person with issues. After 2 warnings I blocked their guests car in the 3rd time. They got super pissed because I wouldn't answer the door when they were ready to leave. Made em wait 2 hours. Came out like I didn't notice them banging on my door and was all " oh well ya know I told you several times and I wasnt about to park down the road, you're lucky I was being nice and didnt call a tow truck because that's what'll happen next time".....it never happened again....I do, however think they tried to call one on me. Most tow companies wont tow from a rental unless the owner manager requests it and some require you to establish service with them in advance

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