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Illegal Person in unit


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What are the legal requirements for a landlord to change locks when the people living there were Not his tenants?

The lease was to someone else. They were arrested today for assaulting another person there. The locks had been changed so that the landlord could not enter the premises for a wellness check.

Can the landlord secure entry for himself, immediately?

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Issue a 10 day notice to quit for a violation of lease I.e. they don’t have one. It has become their residence and you have to evict them as you would any other tenant. you have to go through the entire FED. But since they’re not being evicted for nonpayment of rent you can still get a judgment and a writ of assistance

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Just now, LynnSmith said:

This isn’t an easy yes or no answer. If they had permission to live there (from the renter) and have been living there, they May have rights. How long have they been in and what does the lease specify about guests/sublets and occupancy?

I have no idea. This was in my daughter’s complex. The landlord couldn’t let the police in because the “tenant” had changed the locks. As far as we know, from previous exchanges, there is no subletting allowed.

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3 minutes ago, BBFult said:

The squatters I had, changed the locks, and I had to go through the whole eviction process with them, although I have never signed any papers with them, and I had no sublet in my contract.

Thank you, that was helpful. There is a no subletting clause, from what I understand, but not totally sure.

If there was/is a clause, and the person is now in jail, can he secure access and change the locks immediately? Any thoughts after what you went through?

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